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segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2015


1438589943_glenlivet-estate-map_6 1438589960_glenlivet-estate-map_1 1438589982_glenlivet-estate-map_2 1438590049_glenlivet-estate-map_8

Tamanho: 181 MB
Categoria: Farming Simulator 2015

Tipo de Arquivo: .Zip

Servidores de Download: MediaFire

Map made by polmcg (Jethro365)
Giants for most objects, map and GE
Bushes/Hedges by spider100
Food Storage by 1984Fendt936
Wall Pack by FSmodding
Roadpack by brzeziolpl
MultiAngleTerrain by Petorious
Chopped Straw by Webalizer
Farm Sheds by NI Modding-alwyn, henly20, rh
Chris_7710 for the knowledge I gained from disecting how he makes his maps.
FSModding for all the help and advice he gave me while I watched his live streams.
robbie for putting together the starter map.
This map has had small edits, and uploaded by robbie as I don’t really have a good internet speed, with being in the outskirts of Scotland.
And thanks again for downloading and trying
polmcg (Jethro365)


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