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Previa Glenvar Map 2015




Welcome to the 2015 Glenvar map. After a long time without any update, I tried to make a final version for this map. In 2011 I made the conversion from version 2009 to 2012. Now bring the remodeling of the 2011 version with several enhancements and new features. New detailed textures extend over about 400 hectares of land to cultivate. Adjustments to the height of the rods were cut cereis adjusted for colhetadeira Claas Lexion 780 TT at the same level as the platform is cutting the canes are cut. In the main farm, removed the old silos and put them a pattern, with lifts, grainstations and pipes transport. New bins, a BGA complete and functional, warehouse and service areas. The map is complete. Waiting for you. Have fun, play a lot.
A big hug, and thank you for download more of my work.

New texture to the cultures
New texture to ground
Manure mod v2
Fruits: wheat, barley, maize and rape.
New silos, elevators, bins, grainstation
BGA complete
Retouching in \"paint\" the terrain
New animal sounds, night, wind in the mountains and engine noise in elevators
Removing the tank farm manure principal
Viewdistance modified
Long growth time
ClipDistance readjusted
Details added
New growth time
New warehouse for hay in the hay shed
New crusher hay in BGA
Fixed several bug
Fixed and floating trees pies
New marina with silos, new grainstations and large garage
You can sell your liquid manure in the harbor for a great price that covers the cost of shipping!
you can sell your silage in port to other farms at a good price!

Original Map: Bayn - TSF3 Mod Team Converted by: Ls Portal Italy Team
Converted to 2015 by Gabriel Bittencourt
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